Wide bracelet cuff with dark blue beads is an easy way to accessorize your Art Deco themed dress or pair with jeans for tribal / boho chic style.
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    Vintage Japan glass pearl rice beads look classy. And with classical ruby red beads they combine luxurious piece that reminds the old bygone times.

    The beads used in this cuff were made in France. Probably between 1910-1940, but the company of Bapterosses started to produce beads already in 1860s. These are sometimes referred as trade beads for majority of them was produced for African market. Or porcelain beads for it's shiny look that comes from unique process of making.

    Prosser beads are beads made in the "Prosser" technique. The technique is molding a cold paste under great pressure and then firing it. They look glossy as porcelain, have pronounced equatorial ridges created by mold seams and while one end is typically smooth and somewhat rounded the other end is flat and rougher. Technique was initially invented by English Prosser brothers for button making, machinery for beads was made by French Bapterosses, whose factory in Briare ruled the bead market, and made cooperation with Czech, Germans and Italians.

    *one size
    *3cm wide band

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