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Acrostic bracelet with secret message jewelry



Inspired by acrostic jewelry most popular in romantic Victorian times. Unlock the hidden message!

  • Product Info

    This beautiful bracelet - spelling a secret message - is perfect when you're looking for birthday gift ideas, romantic presents or wedding anniversary gifts. 

    This bracelet has vintage and new glass rhinestones from Czechoslovakia, Austria, Western Germany etc. Each color represents a stone and the first letter of the stones form the word. Small paper tag with information of unlocking the message will be included. Bracelet has antique French Prosser beads that have subtle white luster coating.

    *One size* Memory wire holds the bracelet around the wrist. This bracelet is tagged with signature: mdmB

    Each rhinestone represents a stone and the first letters form the word:

    D Diamond   R Ruby   A Aquamarine
    E Emerald   E Emerald   D Diamond
    A Aquamarine   G Garnet   O Opal
    R Ruby   A Amethyst   R Ruby
    E Emerald   R Ruby   E Emerald
    S Sapphire   D Diamond      
    T Topaz            


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    Shipping costs and time varies depending destination. Here are approximate shipping times:
    Estonia 3-4 euros, 4-10 working days
    Europe 6 euros, 6-14 working days
    North America 7 euros, US 11-25 working days, Canada 20-35 working days
    Austria & Japan 7 euros, 20-35 working days

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