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GLOWING RHINESTONE BROOCH Big lavender purple brooch



Combining antique hollow glass beads with brand new Austrian (Swar.) rhinestones, this big brooch has an amazing detail and mystical glow!

  • Product Info

    This big brooch will make an impact! Amazing detail with antique glass beads and new Austrian (Swar.) glowing crystals.

    This vintage style big rhinestone brooch features three antique glass beads that were blown from liquid glass. These are hollow and dyed inside with lilac pearlecent color. The color of the new crystals is "Cappuccino DeLite" that has a base color of warm brown with glowing flashes of blue and purple. When wearing this big rhinestone brooch it needs clothing from heavier fabric because of its weight.

    All of the rhinestones are set and attached to the design one by one.

    The materials used in this brooch:
    * antique hollow glass beads in long baroque shape
    * new Austrian (Swar.) crystals in "Capuccino DeLite" and "Violet"
    * vintage glass rhinestones
    * old and new glass pearls
    * antique steel microbeads
    * purple Prosser beads from Czechoslovakia
    * nickle free metal components.

    *5,5cm (2 1/4 inches) in diameter makes this brooch one of the biggest in our line

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