Romantic jewelry can make a statement! These earrings combine delicate feminine style with bold gypsy.
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    Long dangle earrings with dark blue beads, vintage and new glass beads and rhinestones. New European filigrees have small Siam red Swarovski crystal rhinestones and Czechoslovakian flat beads attached with thin wire. From filigrees there are rows of bead chains falling with blue French beads.

    The dark blue beads used in these earrings were made in France. Probably between 1910-1940, but the company of Bapterosses started to produce beads already in 1860s. These are sometimes referred as trade beads for majority of them was produced for African market. Or porcelain beads for it's shiny look that comes from unique process of making.

    These are lever-back earrings - they have hooks that are closed with clips and they hang below the earlobe. Metal components are copper plated base metal.

    *appr. 9cm (3 1/2 inches) long

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